26 Jan

I didn’t purpose to be in the space that I find myself in.  God plucked me from the path that I had set out for myself & set me on an alternative journey. At the start it all appeared somewhat ‘accidental’ but I know now that it was no accident, rather His design, His purpose for my life… 

So now that I am here, these are my confessions…the lessons I am learning about being a woman in business, building an empire, one brick at a time…

Leadership Lesson No 75: Show Up! 

The world is run by those who show up 

- Ron Nehring

The year has begun in earnest.  

We are pretty much through the 1st month, and like many of you, I am not entirely sure what the remaining 11 will look like, and how long we’ll be held hostage – to some extent – by the pandemic. 

There is not much I can do about that. But I have learned there is still so much that I can do. 

>>> I can show up.  Every. Single. Day. 

There is a saying that goes ‘80% of success in life is just showing up’. I have learned that it is very true.  When I show up, prepared & ready to roll up my sleeves, I am in a better position to grasp hold of the opportunities that land at my feet, those blessings that God sends my way. 

Showing up is a small but incredibly powerful action.
Regardless of how I feel, I am committed to showing up. And on the days my emotions seem to be keeping me stuck, I will find a way to leverage my EQ muscle & blast through & still show up. Emotional Intelligence is being more aware, more intentional & more purposeful.  

EQ will help me to show up. Every. Single Day!

Here's to a fabulous February

With love,

The Queen Of Hearts 
Mucha Mlingo 
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