15 Oct

I didn’t purpose to be in the space that I find myself in.  God plucked me from the path that I had set out for myself & set me on an alternative journey. At the start it all appeared somewhat ‘accidental’ but I know now that it was no accident, rather His design, His purpose for my life…

So now that I am here, these are my confessions…the lessons I am learning about being a woman in business, building an empire, one brick at a time…

Lesson No 67: Finding The Opportunity

“I want to put a ding in the universe.” 

– Steve Jobs 

It is said that in every crisis exists an opportunity.  

Over the last 6 months, we have seen the loss of life and ill-health, a global effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus, a devastating hit on the economies of the world and a unprecedented change in the way that we live. It has been a crisis of epic proportions. 

The word crisis itself comes from the Greek "to separate, to sift" which means to pass judgement, to keep only what is worthwhile.  

The journey has been tough.  Life as we know it has been upended and many of us are still reeling, trying to come to terms with the changes we have been forced to make. 

But amidst any crisis lies opportunity, and there are those who have grasped it with both hands! 

For some leaders, the opportunity has been to go back to the drawing board, innovating on how and what to serve customers, developing new ideas that have sparked a rebirth of their brand or even new brands 

For others, the opportunity has been to look again at processes & procedures – the backbone of any organisation, a backbone that had long been ignored as teams had been constantly on the go 

There are those leaders who have taken the opportunity to leverage technology, and the appetite for online to shed the weight of infrastructure of systems that have been slowing them down. 

And then there are those leaders who have used this time to hibernate & spend time bolstering the inner man, spending quality time with family and sharpening the saw. 

I am not sure which one describes you.  Or maybe you are a combination of all of the above. But I have learned this – opportunities abound. 

Did you know that your thoughts, feelings & actions are closely intertwined? 

When situations arise, the rational part of the brain processes thoughts about the facts of that situation and those thoughts trigger a response from the emotional part of the brain, which releases chemicals that induce feelings and based on those feelings, we act. 

Your views about the opportunities that exist greatly impact your ability to see & capitalise on them. As with all things, success starts in your mind. 

Borrowing the words of Steve Jobs, you were created to put a ‘ding’ in the universe. As we enter the final stretch of 2020, harness your thoughts & feelings and use them to propel you forward.  Emotions are a powerful asset & resource but you need to be intentional about utilising them to grasp the opportunities that comes your way so that you can create the future that you want for yourself, and for your team. 

Emotional Intelligence is being more aware, more intentional & more purposeful! Emotional Intelligence is at the heart of leadership. 

Stay SafeWith Love, 

The Queen Of Hearts
Mucha Mlingo
| Six Seconds EQ Practitioner | Master Trainer & Facilitator |
| Award Winning International Keynote Speaker |

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